Navigation in Hypertext

Design Cycle

The following diagram summarises the design cycle for your Web site's construction.


Source: Theodoros

Theodoros suggest that before even coming close to the "world of URLs" you need to to do four things:

  • Determine your objectives: What do you want to achieve by creating your Web site ?
  • Define the potential users of your site: Which audience you want to contact ? What information do they need ?
  • Plot a structure for your site: Use pencil and paper!
  • Validate the structure of your site: Does it meets your initial objectives ? You can set some criteria for the "success" of your structure (e.g. What do users should do while visiting ? How long are your pages ? How many links do you want to give to users ? etc.)

After completing the above steps, one can write HTML code, test it, adjust it and then release it to the Web community!

Navigation in Hypertext Design Tips

Last modified: 6 Nov 2002 by Kathy Nguyen Dang