Kevin's mom glances at the flyer, mumbles something under her breath, and lets it fall to the floor.

"Anything happen in school today?"

Kevin scans the refrigerator door for messages. His mom isn't just being polite, she wants to know what happened in school, if anything. Kevin winces as he searches his memory for an interesting anecdote; ever since he uploaded that first black-market MEM he's been getting random, short but painful migraines.

"Nope...not that I can remember... Oh, but you missed Cameron's vomiting attack during lit class yesterday, I forgot to tell you about it..." Kevin trails off. It's not a good story, not something his mom would like to hear anyway.

"Maybe you can tell me about it some other time." Already Mrs. Miller has lost interest, refocusing her attention on the multiple windows in front of her. "Oh, speaking of... Cameron called a few minutes ago. He sounded excited."