A study was conducted at the Institute of Ludic Reading, in which five thousand Americans across the country were questioned, regarding their reading habits. They concluded that out of the five thousand subjects tested, only nine hundred and twelve actually found the reading process to be a positive and/or generally enjoyable experience. Of these, only two hundred and fifty-one read for pleasure more than three times a week. The remaining six hundred and sixty-one claimed they either did not have the time, or preferred to spend their free time with another medium, including television, film, or radio.

Of the thirty seven hundred subjects who claimed they did not enjoy the process of reading, over 90% denied having visited a library or bookstore in the past year. 83% of this group could not remember the last novel they had read for pleasure. 60% of this group could not identify one positive or beneficial result of ludic reading.

97% of the five thousand subjects chose television over the novel as the medium of choice. The majority cited "effortlessness, ease of use, & infinite variety" as the reason for such a choice.