"Oh my god, Professor Gordon! I have been dying to see you!" said Yoko at Kyobo Bookstore in her high-pitched, commercial voice.

"I would have died if you hadn't come to see me for another day!"

Professor Gordon, an English professor at Utilitarian University, was going to smile only a little bit. But happiness welled from the bottom of his heart.

"How is your work going, Professor?" "Is it going well?"

Yoko put her arm through his, and clung to him so close that her breast was almost pushing against his arm. With her blue eye shadow more effective than intended, Rena's eyes gazed up at Professor Gordon.

Rena was rather displeased that her eyes had so much white area, but Rena's service-educational trainer, Mr. Yamabuki, has told her that her eyes are one of her most charming features.