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Compare the two images that just flashed up on your screen. One was a class diagram taken from Michelle Neuringer's project, i write, i program which speaks more on this topic of the process of writing vs. the process of computer programming. The second image was the brainstorm from a story that I am currently writing. Both of these images are were created in the early stages of the creative development of the projects that they were to become. Michelle's diagram being written before she wrote a word of code, my brainstorm produced before I wrote a word of the story. What I am trying to show you is that the brain, as amazing and as vast as it is, can only support a certain type of thought. So even though the products of Michelle's class diagram and my brainstorm were vastly different (were they really? Or are we just trained to think that a computer program and a creative work are two totally different works), the processes that our brains have to go through in the planning stages are strikingly similar.

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