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While it is true that there are many sins other than homosexuality and all sin is wicked before God, and while it is true that any sin can be forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ, the Bible does not say that all sin is the same in its effect in this world. God did not pour out fire and brimstone upon Sodom because of its jealousy or covetousness or lack of hospitality. He did not pour out fire and brimstone upon Sodom even because of its adultery. It was specifically because of its homosexuality (Genesis 19; Jude 7). Though all moral sins are evil in God's eye, homosexuality is especially corrupt because it is a sin against nature itself. It destroys the very fabric of society, which is the family as defined biblically--a man and a woman united in holy matrimony rearing children to fear God and to be productive citizens. Homosexuality is to 'change the natural use into that which is against nature' (Romans 1:26). In Romans chapter one, homosexuality is called 'vile affections' (v. 26), 'against nature' (v. 26), "unseemly" (v. 27), 'a reprobate mind' (v. 28), 'not convenient" (v. 28). Contrary, therefore, to what Dr. Graham says, homosexuality IS an 'overwhelming' sin."

(from a web site all about the sin of homosexuality) -- See what i have to live with

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