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Approaching millennium Has New York Residents in a Frenzy
by Dean Bakopolous

New York, New York- Strange things have been in New York City lately. The crime rate has doubled over last year at the same time. There are reports of numerous people claiming to have been abducted by aliens, others have complained of blacking out for extended periods of time and waking up in a sickened state. Mayor Rudy Guilliani claims, "The number of police we have patrolling the streets is doubled over normal times. We're doing all that we can to try to stop the sharp rise in violence."

On the scientific front, there are no real answers for the reported alien abductions. Columbia University Professor of Psychology,Tory Higgins, says,"It seems as though people are seeming to get into this heightened state of excitement because of the upcomming new year. It could be entirely possible that early word of these so-called alien abductions got out to the public through the media and this knowledge, when combined with the stress people seem to be feeling because of various profecies and ideas, also spread largely by the media, a situation where a person passes out is not out of the question." It seems as though reports people experiencing this alien abduction phenomena has already spread to remote areas of the midwest and mountain states.

The normal occurances in cases of this outbreak is that people claim that see a bright flash of light, then the pass out. When they regain consciousness, they are in a different place, patients complain of nausea and many of them are often robbed of their valuables while unconscious. "I've been abducted by aliens," says Ed Griggs of Queens,"I don't care what the experts say, I know what's happened to me."

December 22, 1999

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