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You may be asking yourselves what these lexias on the L line have to do with hypertext. Well the previous topics were presented to show you that your life is a hypertext. What I mean is that I was trying to show you that everything is a social construction. Your construction of your "self", that's all a lie. So is the sense of safety that you make yourself feel so that you can sleep at night. The mind is complicated thing spiraling forever towards nothing, the place before there was now. What was there before there was anything? Time, we live our lives by it, but life went on without it and will go on even if it doesn't exist. It's just something that we made up so that we could make sense of things. Just like the analogy that I make about computer programming. We need to keep it in terms of things that we know, so that we can control it, or feel that we have control over it. Yeah, I guess that's what I'm trying to say, everything is a social construction.

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