59 Street -- Columbus Circle

I don't know why I am so trusting. You'd think that it would have learned my lesson from people letting me down so often. But I think that it comes from growing up in the environment I did. I mean the sciences, at the most rudimentary level, is all based on assumption, on believing something unprovable so that we can prove other things. Take gravity for example. Do you think that there is actually any physical proof for gravity? NO! It's just some old dude's idea about how an apple fell off of a tree and hit him on the head. "Well what about the planets?" you may be asking, their movement around the solar system follows this gravitational model. Well what I have to say to that have you ever been in space? Have you ever tracked the movement of Pluto? Have you ever really seen Pluto? I don't know I guess that I taking this whole argument a bit too far. It's just kind of irritating that people will be so oblivious sometimes and just accept things without question. Either because they feel they need to or they just don't have the access to the part of the brain that questions.

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