50 Street

"Yeah, so like I was saying, there was this light, and then everything has been all fucked up since then." I remeber the light as I recount it to Dave, and I realize that the light was full of color, or what i thought was color. You see, I've never seen color, so I'm not sure if it was color, but it was something I have never seen before. I come back to, and Dave has turned to his bowl of chowder probably scared shitless because I'm acting so funny.

"What can I get you sir?"

"Uhhh," the waitress caught me off guard. "Can I have a few more minutes please?

"Alright hon, but the next time I come back you'd better be ready." She says it jokingly, but with a twinge of spite, the longer I take, the less money she is going to get. I look over at Dave, he's almost done with his lunch, wiping his mouth then reaching for his wallet. I can't let him go.

"So do you live around here." He looks up.

"Yeah." His response is short and terse. "Look man, I have to get going, but it was nice talking to you." He grabs out some bills and hastily puts them on the table. He slips on his jackes, throws a half-hearted smile my way, and it halfway towards the door.

"Okay what'll it be?"

I get up to follow him, ignoring the waitress. I have to find him and never let go.

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