238 Street

Who am I? It's a struggle that every man goes through, trying to find his essential self, that's assuming, of course that there is an essential self. I remember when I was in college. I went to NYU where I took this class I took on Exisistentialism. It was a great course, but the only thing that really sticks with me today is Nietzche's idea of the herd. I don't know why it is, but people get on my nerves; I've never really been able to make very good friends and it think it is because almost every person I have run into in my life has been a member of this herd. It was too scary for them to really think about things, and instead they followed those who told them what to do. It was easier for them that way, I guess. But not me, I've never been the type of person to take orders from anyone, and I've never been able to relate to anyone who did.

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