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Information Retrieval is Extremely Important
for Hypertext Systems

The hypertext systems opens the door to a multitude of information from multiple documents, which are interlinked by links. It is important then for a user to be able to grasp what kind of information is available and where the user can locate that information.

Simply storing the information into a single storage medium doesn't necessarily guarantee that the relevant information is to be found. It is the retrieval tools provided by the hypertext system that will give the user additional power in finding the relevant documents needed.

Navigation via query offers an augmented browsing capacity based on measures of semantic closeness between terms in an index space and in a hypertext document space. Such hybrid navigation tools with query ability are capable of overcoming some of the limitations of manual browsing and contributing to a smooth transition between browsing and query. Therefore, I believe it is integral to current efforts to integrate hypermedia and information retrieval.