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Jean on Koko

Now who, exactly, does this girl think she is?!? How can she just come strolling in off a commune and expect to blend right in? She has been cooped up in a simulated society in which self-preservation completely overrides social-preservation. All that one with the Earth business. They didn't even wear clothes, for chrissake! Here is a girl who lived on a mountain and was never exposed to any form of media message. She is a total A-socialite. Or so her background would lead us to believe. Had she really lived on a commune, and had no exposure to media-spread information, how did she know about the prominent theater scene in Crescent Heights? How did she know the right person to "meet" in the grocery? How did she even hear about performance art? She is surprisingly well adjusted (apart from her fetishization of produce) for someone who should be astoundingly baffled by all that she has missed in the social simulacra she is coming from.
Communes attempt to create the model social situation; preserving a singular way of life, pushing it eventually into the hyperreal. The lifestyle becomes obsolete, museumized, and stagnant. Instead of being a model community, it becomes a model of a model community, concerned only with its presentation as such. I tried it once. Didn't like it. Wasn't comfortable with all that nudity.

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