Liz's birth parents were caught in the genetic halocaust that altered the face of human life as she knew it. Her mother caught her brother Joel publishing an underground newspaper in the basement of their house. He was using a Guttenberg-type printing press and his rebel friends were busy following his lead. They feared the propaganda, because their thoughts were under the control of the State of Providence. It seems that everybody's mind had been controlled in that era and the youth were restless. Joel had obviously been restless. His parents were forced, by their own sense of morality, to report Joel to the thought police. Liz watched it happen. The high courts later convicted Joel of first degree treason against the State. Joel's DNA was supposed to be transplanted with the DNA taken from the local blood bank were it was believed that all deposits were given by Providence's police chief. Joel, in an effort to escape the egoless life that he was being sent to, found a blackmarket dealer that sold him a link into cyberspace. Before any alterations were performed, on that one rainy night, Joel kissed Liz goodbye and he escaped to the new reality forever.

Liz spent her childhood watching her parent's tormented mental health. They had no way of making peace with their actions because it was not in their power to think. Liz grew up hating the robotic laws of human experience and control just like her older brother. She had worshipped him and she knew that one day, she would need to search for him.