The Dogs at Pompeii

Gregory of Tours would not tolerate compromised vessels, on paper or in clay:

Whoever you are, you Bishop of God, even if our own Martianus (Capella) himself has given you instruction in the Seven Arts, if he has taught you grammar so that you may read, if he has shown you by his dialectic how to follow the parts of a disputation, by his rhetoric how to recognize the different metres, by his geometry how to reckon the measurements of surfaces and lines, by his astromomy how to observe the stars, by his arithmetic how to add and subtract numbers in their relationships, by his book on harmony how to set together in your songs the modulation of mellifluous sounds, even if you are an acknowledged master in all these skills, and if, as a result, what I have written seems uncouth to you, despite all this, do not, I beg you, do violence to my Books. You may rewrite them in verse if you wish to, supposing that they find favour in your sight; but KEEP THEM INTACT.

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