Robert Coover's Publications

Plays (productions)

The Kid: New York, 1972; London, 1974; other worldwide productions, most recently in Hungary,

1992. Love Scene: Paris, 1973; New York, 1974; and others.

Rip Awake: Los Angeles, 1975.

A Theological Position: Los Angeles, 1975; New York, 1976, etc. (Most recently: Staatstheater, Kassel, Germany. 1993.)

Bridge Hand. Providence, 1981.

Sculacciando la cameriera (adaptation of Spanking the Maid): Torino, Italy, 1987.

The Babysitter (adaptation by Parallax Theater): Chicago, 1991. The l,eper's Helix: Variations & Approximations (musical piece based on "The Leper's Helix" by Paul Epstein): Philadelphia, 1990.

Charlie in the House of Rue (dance adaptation of this story by the Richard Bull Dance/Theater): Wesleyan University, 1992.

Pinocchio in Venice (adaptation for puppet theater by Raymond Eastman, Center for Puppetry Arts): Atlanta, GA, 1993.

Several other short fictions also adapted for stage and "A Pedestrian Accident" has been turned into an unproduced opera.

Radio Plays

Various U.S. university productions of "Bridge Hand," "What We Tell the Strangers," and "Drama of Cognition."

Bayerischer Rundfunk in Germany has produced, in translation, "Bridge Hand" and "Pratt Falls Again" ("Pardauz sturzt noch einmal"), 1992 and 1993.


On a Confrontafion In lowa City, produced & directed, 1969.

Films have also been made from "The Marker," "In a Train Station," and "The Wayfarer."

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