Robert Coover -- Readings and Lectures

About 8 to 10 a year: most recently at the Peggy Guggenheirn Museum, Venice; the University of Bologna, Italy; Brooklyn College; UCLA; International Fiction Conference, Graz, Austr ia; Gramsci Institute, Trento, Italy; Temple University; Williams College; Writers Institute, Albany, NY; Cornell University; Cooper Union; Cali Arts Festival, Colombia: University of Houston; University of Utah; the University of Macerata, Italy; the University of Uppsala, Sweden; Stockholrn University; Institute of North American Studies, Bar celona; University of Barcelona; Amerikahaus, Cologne; Universities of Poznan, Warsaw, and Cracow, Poland; Universities of Olomouc and Brno, Czechoslovakia; Literaturhaus, Hamburg; Amerikahaus, Hannover; Free University, Berlin; DAAD (Einstein Cafe), Berlin; Duke University; North Country Chamber Players, Summer Festival, Loon Mt., NH; KRTU Vanguard Writing Conference, Reus, Spain; University of Girona, Spain; the International Writers Center, Washington Uhiversity, St.I,ouis; University of Southern California, L.A.; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; La Novela Pintada, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Gran Canaria; Goethehaus, New York City; Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA; Conjunctions, Hir-schl & Adler Gallery, New York City; Second International Conference of the Short Story in English, University of Northern Iowa and Univelsity of lowa; University of Color-ado, Boulder; University of Northerll Colorado, Greeley; ECHT l nternational Conference on Hypertext, Milan, Italy; plus occasional readings at Brown University.
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