Re: RE: Tomorrow

Emily M. Sorg '10, ENGL 1180: Creative Nonfiction in Electronic Media, Spring 2008

I laughed, because she'd added a post-script to the e-mail:
And I'm wearing my black lace panties XX... and I thought, wait
Is she for real? No, no... Real, when she would smile and ask how my
days went Oh, great thanks, to the image of you and my father
While I'm at... you're... and you lie on my mother's side of the bed
Really that's fine I'm just wondering, just curious How you two
get along, catching up over coffee, and then... Because
you can't disrobe skin or stretch marks on stomachs, tattoos of your
children Preemptive branches carried by doves, images of just yesterday
Little girls who wait patiently to be tucked in and carried on shoulders, to
be kissed goodnight and reminded there's nothing to worry about I love you
Little girls who believe that pumpkins turn into carriages
and Not the other way around... Can you.

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Last modified: February 18, 2008