The Veiling of Homoerotic Desire in Roland Barthes' S/Z

Carrie Watterson

(369) without being totally drunk, Sarrasine could no longer control his delirium. * Here begins a limited "Rape" which we will distinguish from the final "Abduction" (ACT. "Rape": 1: conditioning of the ravisher) (this rape is constructed as a "delirium," a minor acting out ).

(370) Impetuously, he picked up the woman, * ACT. "Rape": 2: to carry off the victim.

(371) escaping into a kind of boudoir next to the salon, * ACT. "Rape": 3: to change locale.

(372) toward the door of which he had glanced more than once. * ACT. "Rape": 4: to have premeditated the abduction. (S/Z, 153)

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