Another find

Bart walked into the conservatory to the strains of Miss Saigon.

"You can be who you want to be ... You can do whatever you choose..."

"You gotta love Andrwe Lloyd Webber," Mike said.

"Truly inspired lyrics," Bart answered, "At first I thought you were watching an after school special. Now, I have something I think will be a real treat for you."

He pulled a Barry White tape out of his pocket and hit "eject" just as Mike was hitting the high notes-

"Don't cry for me, Argentiiina!


As the mellifluous sounds of Barry White wafted from the stereo, Mike shoved his head under a sofa cushion.


"What?" asked Bart.

"Ah hee ha ho mm hmmhmm hahm!"

"Get your head out from under that pillow!"

"I said, I hit my nose on something hard. Look, it's a map of the house mounted on cardboard."

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