Case File:

Everyone circled around Jennifer.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Mike grabbed her arm.

"You pesky kids!" she yelled.

Celeste pulled off her mask.

"Look, it's Jessica Fletcher!"

"That's right, and now I'd like to hear your story, Mr. Michael. You planted that map in the couch to make it seem like the murder had been planned in advance, didn't you? And what about the stain on the carpet in your room? When I asked you about it, you said you thought you had spilled Lysol on the floor, but you wouldn't have known about that stain if you hadn't been in your room since you had arrived at the castle, like you said. Those scissors with the blood on them? That was your blood from when you cut yourself shaving - the toilet paper is still on your chin, and a lab can give us those results ..."

"You can't prove anything, you meddling old hag!"

"and your real name isn't Mike, it's Percival. Unless you've been stealing someone else's underwear and socks - I read the labels.

"AARGH! Foiled by my own mother! Yes, I admit it! I hated that man ever since I was a child and he was my gym teacher! I still have scars on my - you know - from climbing the rope! I'm not sorry! And you'll never catch me!"

Mike pulled out a revolver and prepared to jump from the window.

"Sheriff, I think you have everything you need now."

Suddenly, the sheriff and 10 of his trusted deputies jumped out of the closet.

"He won't get away. Thanks again, Mrs. Fletcher. I'm real sorry your show got canceled. See you around!"