The Announcement

Jennifer called the guests into the conservatory.

"I found a dead man stuffed into my closet. I assume he was murdered. "

She looked around the room to guage everyone's reaction. Celeste gasped.

Mike said, "How do you know he was murdered?"

"Because the chances of him crawling into a corner of my closet and spontaneously expiring seem slim, to my mind. Also, he had some ... strange wounds."

"We have to call the police," Mike said.

"I thought of that," Jennifer said, "Unfortunately, we're snowed in and the telephone lines are down."

"This sounds strangely familiar," Bart said, "What do you propose we do?"

"Here, " Jennifer said, tossing them all notebooks, "I found these in the study. We'll each use them to tabulate clues."

"Wow," said Celeste, "They're already labeled - suspects weapons, rooms. How convenient."

"Yeah, but who are Captain Peacock, Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet?" Mike asked.

"Obviously miscreants of a by-gone era. This castle has quite a history. We'll just cross out their names and put ... our own."

"Don't forget those two in the kitchen," Bart said.

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