An Animal

Those great gentle brown eyes stare so soulfully that to look away would be impossible. The animal's small, pointed, tufty ears swivel slightly as it methodically chews its cud. It tenses noticeably, ready perhaps to flee, its tufted tail swooshing. One faltering step backwards and it has stopped again, hooves and paws poised lightly against the uneven grass. There is something eerily human about its demeanor; from its forehead winds a single iridescent horn, a treasure without equal if it could be obtained. Amazingly, the animal begins to speak.

"I think you might be the person I'm looking for, the one I'm supposed to help... or in any case, the one I should trust. At least, you look familiar. Perhaps we were siblings once and I was put under a curse by a bad-tempered witch, or perhaps I should marry you when you restore my true form, if I'm of suitably noble birth. But how can I be certain that I ought to trust you? You could be a dragon in disguise, or worse."

With that, the creature shies away and makes a hasty departure.


Colorful Eggshell