The stairs beneath the loose tile take you down, and down, and down. There is no light here except for the candle that you now carry with you, and the thick musk of undisturbed decay suggests that even Aleister has not ventured here in a long, long time.

Just as the stair gives way to a small room hollowed out of the earth, your movements disturb a skeleton that was suspended above you. It comes clattering down, skull, ribcage, and all, making quite a racket and extinguishing your light. In the sudden darkness, which feels more chilly as well, you grope about for the piece of wax, but your questing fingers instead encounter something small and rough - a fingerbone.

The incident is sufficiently unsettling that you return to the lavatory as rapidly as you can, leaving the candle behind where it has fallen.


A Brittle Tome