The Other

It was almost evening when they dragged the first of them up from the sewers, its mouthparts spasming weakly as a thick brownish sludge trickled down the bizarre crevices of its crinkled body. A tentacle curled helplessly up against the hand of one of the burly militiamen, who stumbled back and let go of the creature in disgust. One of its vast, moonish eyes gazed imploringly into my own, several mucosal pupils dilating independently of one another, and it began to emit a nauseous bubbling sound. By now it had been strapped to the operating table, but its loathsome gesticulations were appalling; and the air with which I approached it was not one of medical precision, but something far darker, far more overpowering. I did not yet understand the degree to which it would consume me in the coming days.


Two Cowering Clay Statues