Easy Choices

"We are faced, each day, with a hundred choices, or a thousand, or ten thousand. Most of these are inconsequential, and have no moral ramifications whatsoever - at least, none that we may be cognizant of. Even among those possessing such moral impact, many are quite straightforward, and thus trivial - uninteresting - from the standpoint of anyone versed in such matters. The others, though... the great uncharted grey area, the realm of uncertainty... this fascinates me. However, I warn you that sometimes there are no good choices - that is, no happy outcome - in such cases; only right choices.

There are three stories that I may tell you: The Hungry Orphan, in which a starving child may be fed or left hungry; The Feast of Spirits, in which a young man may give up his own life to restore his sister's; and The Lost Changepurse, in which misplaced wealth may or may not be restored to its proper owner. Which do you consider worth hearing?"


A Gilded Serpent