It's strangeAnd stranger still to be thinking that. not being dead. I haven't dodged the machine, and it hasn't fired. Both of these... run counter to expectations. This could be indicative of... No, it's still far too early to say that.

I wish I had a record player. There's a few old Grieg
What's he looking at?
records over in the corner, but I don't know what happened to the player.

There appears to be a noir marathon on this morning. M is running now. Great movie. But why does Grieg's music appear on television right after I think about playing his records?
Two o'clock. 1/16 chance of survival.

[...]This space reserved for the sound of a gun firing.

The book doesn't even say anything about this. I guess I'll just finish watching Peter Lorre try to kill children. Well, actually, by this point in the movie he's just trying to escape pursuit. There was a scene - it's brilliant, I'm almost afraid I'll hurt it by trying to present it in any way but how I saw it - in which the heads of city government and the heads of the city crime syndicates become indistinguishable. Conference tables, smoke-filled rooms, the differences between the two groups grow arbitrary. It's not a positive commentary, presumably, but there is doubt, as they're all focused on catching the child murderer. I suppose the point is it's all for their own motives, even if it is for the greater good.

How does that apply to me?