Warning: This hypertext is not user friendly.

Hint 1: This text requires some interrogation before it yields its information. Unlike a book, you canít merely go step by step along the given path (well, technically you can, but youíre not going to learn much that the way.) So do a little exploring - ignore grandmotherís warning. Click on graphics and underlined words. Donít be afraid - you canít do anything ìwrongî and if you ever do find yourself somewhere you donít like, there is always your browserís back button.

Hint 2: There are 20 nodes (and a node is a single ìpageî in the hypertext) in the preview (of sorts) and 25 nodes of the ìmainî text that I, your author, have written for this piece. The point is not to get to every node, but you may use this information to keep track of how well youíre doing with your new-found exploration skills.

Hint 3: There is a hidden link that is very useful to find.

Hint 4: If you have never encountered hypertext before, it would probably help to first get a solid definition of what youíre about to encounter.