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Busy with schoolwork. All the assignments are due in one shot.

    I went out with Brendon today. It was strange because I felt we didn't really know each other, despite the fact we were quite close when we were kids. It felt as if I was meeting some guy I just got to know on some irc chat for the first time - it was undeniably awkward.

    He seemed terribly nice, offering to pay for my food (we ate at Mac's) and my movie ticket, which I thought was unnecessary. The last time we talked I dominated the conversation. This time, it seemed like he had a hidden agenda to fill every single minute with discourse, no matter how frivolous or inane. What was your favourite book? he asked in Borders. I told him I loved E.M. Forster's "A Room with a View" (not my favourite, but I liked it. I liked the movie as well). He takes me on a ride around the bookshop, shoving different books into my arms enthusiastically. A little too overenthusiastically, I thought.

    We hung out at three separate coffee joints - coffee club, coffee bean and starbucks. We sat down and he talked of his idea of love and asked for my opinions on that. We both had similar pragmatic views of love, except I felt more anger on his part when he spoke. Wah lau. Major intense, siah. Kelvin would call him almost Byronic.

    I can't understand such people. Too cryptic, too tortured. Twisted in their emotions that they can't see anything else. Crippled into inertia. Too much talk.

    But Brendon is intelligent and interesting because he's well travelled and he's been through a lot. I enjoyed our conversation, although I can't help but feel there's something intangibly strange about our meeting.


    Brendon called again and we talked more about school and movies. (By the way, we're going to watch a movie a few days later. I asked Janice if she wanted to join me. She giggled and said no.) He seems to have a lot of time on his hands. I told him to visit the touristy places, since he hasn't been back for nearly three years. He told me he'd rather hang out in Orchard Road every single day. I think Singapore's main draw lies in its food industry. Honestly, there isn't much you can do here, discounting the movies and the shopping.

    We talked about friends and how time changes relationships. I have to admit I didn't exactly share most of his rather depressing sentiments. I think it's because I'm only sixteen and I've just started to know my classmates in JC. I love all of them - hey guys, I LOVE YOU!


    Taijun finds it strange I can discuss my parents' state of near-divorce on the web without any qualms. Suddenly, I'm getting another bombardment of concerned emails and comments from friends. "If you ever need help or someone to talk to," they always write, "just come to me." Everyone, I'M FINE.

    I asked him if he believed that a couple should stay together even if they're not happy with one another. He admitted being a traditionalist and said he'd try to hang on to the marriage for as long as possible. I asked him if that was possible if the sight of the your partner's face made you sick. He pondered and then said he didn't know.

    I know that my parents operate along those lines - they detest each other's face. I think when it comes to that situation, you know you've reached the point of no return. Personally, I don't care if they've reached that stage.

   I went swimming today. It was a good way to beat the heat and get a tan at the same time.