Once we slept on the same bed. His arms enveloped mine, encasing me in his warmth. My curved smaller body fit into his neatly. I felt his breath hitting my cheek and my ear and I delighted in listening to the sound of his steady breathing, occasionally smelling a dark tinge of tobacco whenever he opened his mouth.

    My back was getting hot. The fan on the ceiling moved minutely. Our sweat intermingled. Under the stark light of the bulb, our two clammy bodies took on a glossy sheen. He kicked away the covers unconsciously, leaving our legs naked. He held me tighter. I felt more heat.

    The temperature was getting intolerable but I didn't mind. The heat bound us and made us one. We shared the intimate discomfort together.

    He stirred slightly and murmured into my ear a foreign name, his fingers tangled in my damp hair."Amy," he muttered. "AmyŠamyŠ"

    All of a sudden the heat became suffocating.