-initial reactions-

    I switched on the air-conditioner. Instantly, a blast of cold air filled the room. Lynn raised her hands enthusiastically, as if she was worshipping the machine. She whooped and launched herself on my bed, finally settling down into a comfortable position.

    "I heard that Brendon's back," she drawled. "How are you feeling?"

    "Nothing," I said. " I don't want to talk about him."

    "So you've moved on."

    "I should think so."

    I was never the emotional part of our equation. I was the steady, logical one while he insisted on using fatalistic and romantic metaphors to describe our combined existence.

    "My life is satisfactory," I told Lynn. "I've secured a place in my honours class. I have friends. I get around. Jeremy Lim asks me out. I've passed my driving test and I'm going to get a BM soon. My life is not terribly exciting, but it's not terribly boring either. I don't need someone like Brendon Ong to come in and screw my life up again."

    Lynn closed her eyes and spread her arms out. A cat-like smile of contentment spread over her face. "Are you going to talk to him?"

    "No," I immediately said firmly. "Unless he calls me first."

    "Do you hate him"

    I blinked. Once upon a time, I was upset and angry. I think I have forgiven him. I bit my lower lip.

    "Maybe. I don't know."