-a death-

    Jeremy from my honours class started to ask me out to coffee places. I came home after our fourth outing. My sister was seated at the dining table with Paul sitting diagonally opposite. They both looked serious.

    "Brendon's father's dead," Diane told me.

    I logically felt no reaction. I walked into my room.

    Brendon was no longer a part in my life. We stopped talking to each other two years ago. He was in Berkeley. I was in Singapore. After a while he stopped making an effort to keep in contact. He was probably having too much fun. I ruminated over the issue and decided that I didn't like him anymore.

    "We're going to the funeral," Diane said when she came to my door. "Do you want to come?"

    "No", I told her. "It's okay. I have nothing to do with Brendon."