Is there the existence of an all-consuming love that would transcend time and space? Personally I have my doubts - strong ones to boot, but Brendon seemed to thrive and grow in his beliefs and conceptions. His eyes would be instantly lit whenever he mentioned the ultimate love, the achievement of immortality in the embrace of the other who is exactly the same - the obliteration of self. I was sceptical in my reply. At times I would feel frightened by the fervour of his words, how he seek my hand and entwined his fingers around mine tightly until our palms were moist and hot.I felt like he was trying to take something from me. Energy coursed through my right arm into our bound hands, forming a path from my heart to his. My fingers were limp after almost an hour, my resistance futile against his persistence. He had drive, a vision of achieving a higher love and I was the unwilling accomplice in his perceived ritual.

    His expressed thought was warmly effusive, charged with a sense of mysticism in his dreamy eyes. He was maddening abstraction. Could you feel? he asked. No, I can't feel. I can only extrapolate.

    He was all fire and I was ice. He was angered easily, which exploded in strange outbursts until he learnt to control his volatile emotions with the use of sarcasm. He had reasons to be angry, but the intensity of his anger bordered to irrationality.

I believe I knew more about him than he knew me.