Was I happy? I didn't know. Walking quickly, trying to overtake the people before me, I knew I had purpose. Suddenly I had drive. I tapped the slight figure at the shoulder. She turned around, slightly surprised.

    "Hey," I said, slightly out of breath. "HeyŠ"

    She stared back at me for a moment. Her parents continued walking, leaving her behind. "Hi," she said. Her slanted eyes narrowed. "I think I know youŠ"

    "Yeah, Brendon. I was your neighbour."

    "My parents work for your father, I'm sorry about his death," she said. "Yah, I remember. We skateboarded together."

    "So, how're you now? What are you doingŠ how old are you?"

    "I'm sixteenŠ going to seventeen. JC1," she said then glanced back at her parents. "I have to go now"

    "Do you want to meet up? You know, like, meet up to talk about things. Er, some time or something?" The words rushed out of my mouth. After nearly 10 years of non-communication I met a favourite childhood pal at my father's funeral.

    "Yah, okayŠ." she said, looking slightly confused. "Okay..." She took out a pen, grabbed my hand and scribbled a series of numbers, "My handphone number. You can sms me."

   When she walked away, for the first time since I'd touched down in this country, I didn't mind the heat.