'Bob! Wait up! You are going for this trip as well? Great! You can put me on your ship ÷ and I was worried that I would be pushed out of this mission'
I was surprised that she showed nothing left from our heated quarrel that day.
'Klara look ÷'
'Bob, I love you. I have a strong feeling about us I believe we can make this relationship work.'
'I love you too and I want it to work as well. I was thinking with this million I can go back to Earth together with you÷. We will get married and have kids ÷ the whole deal'
'Shush ÷ today is not a good day to make decisions for Geminis especially in love.'
'You know I don't believe in these th÷.'
'I know, you should ÷ anyway let me go with you and we can make our nest egg bigger with both our million and the money that I have still in the bank. We can treat it as our experiment - see if we can live in close quarters again after the first trip' she started to giggle like a schoolgirl something - I had never thought she would do.
I couldn't refuse her pleading even if the very idea contradicted my two reasons for going in the first place.
Not to mention the fact that what's more, I would have to betray my promise to Shicky.