'Listen, if I help you find out something will you help me?'
'To do÷?'
'Take me with you! I may not be any good in the lander but I can do everything else and you know I have experience ÷ I can handle myself not like the wet fishes ÷ no offence ÷ Bob÷'
I was not going to let him finish his tirade of his worthiness without knowing what it was all about.
'Hold on hold on, what's the mission? A One? Three?'
'It's two Fives
and I am not too sure about the mission but I heard it is an experiment. But the important thing is that they are paying a million each, even for those who must remain in orbit.'
'Two armored Fives? ...'
'Yes, you heard me ÷ will you take me with you?'
'I ÷ will try ÷ yes'
I wasn't even sure if I want to go. My last was an utter failure ruining one ship and all... and now there is that quarrel I had with Klara.