"Single-stalk garlic is the hottest!"         



Mother slipped into the shack where Father was sleeping and tiptoed up to his kang, her cheeks

burning.  She knelt beside him and carefully pulled down his pants. In the light streaming into 

the room she looked at his injured, grotesque penis. The head, wild and proud, had an air of 

defiance. Timidly she held it in her sweaty hand and felt it gradually get warmer and thicker.

It began to throb, just like her heart. Father woke up and squinted at her. "Beauty, what are 

you doing?"


Mother shrieked in alarm, jumped to her feet, and ran out, bumping smack into Granddad in the



Granddad grabbed her by the shoulders and demanded, "What's wrong, Beauty?"


Mother burst out crying, wrenched free of Granddad's grip, and ran away.


Granddad rushed into the shack, then rushed out again like a man crazed and ran straight to 

the woman Liu. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them tightly. "Single-stalk garlic is the

hottest!" he said almost incoherently.  "Single-stalk garlic is the hottest!"


Granddad fired three shots in the air, then brought his hands together in front of his chest and

screamed: "Heaven has eye!"