"It's not the money. I haven't forgotten those three hundred lashes with the shoe sole!" 

I said.


"It was a mistake, all a mistake! But if it hadn't been for that beating we'd never have met.

Worthyson-in-law, you achieved real glory by eliminating, and I will make that known

to my superiors, who will in turn reward you for your deed."


"Who cares about being rewarded by you for my deeds?" I shouted across just to make sure I

sound more intimidating but I'm feeling regrateful for this kidnapping. 


"Bring Master Cao and we will start the exchange." Little Yan, his right hand man, bellowed.


The situation was tense and eyes were on the moving parties from both ends. They stopped

in the middle of the bridge and Dai was speaking something to the spoilt brat and I could see

my son standing beside his mother and was squinting his eyes under the scorching sun.