Recording the story


I returned To NORTHEAST GAOMI TOWNSHIP to compile a family chronicle, focusing

on the famous battle on the banks of the Black Water River that involved my father

and ended with the death of a Jap general. An old woman of ninety-two sang to me,

to the accompaniment of bamboo clappers: "Northeast Gaomi Township, so many men; at

Black Water River the battle began;Commander Yu raised his hand, cannon fire to 

heaven; Jap souls scattered across the plain, ne'er to rise again; the beautiful champion

of women, Dai Fenglian, ordered rakes for a barrier, the Jap attack broken . . ."


I better keep a soft copy in case I might just lose this precious, hard found information.

I needed to look for someone to key in every bits of the information I had gathered so far

and probably I can write a novel out of it. Somehow, I just knew the person who will be 

ideal for the job as if I had received indication from some heavenly god that this person in

mind is the one I needed. I decided to pay him a visit. 


I didn't have his address and I simply have to take chances trying at the place where he 

is supposed to be at this time of the day.


Entering the lift, I noticed that everyone in the lift had unanimously agreed to alight at 

the fourth level; and I wonder if by any chance did they arrange before hand.


"Six please." Making my assertion to drop at the sixth instead.


I had been here a few times, the place is still familiar and fresh in my mind and I knew I

had to head left at this moment. A few steps away and I will reach my destination.


Through the glass panel, I noticed the familiar side view of his face. Yes, the person of

whom I am here for. The door is closed and I got in from the second entrance not wanting

to disturb him. He had not notice me still.


The spacious room with the same arrangements as the last time when I was here. The six

aesthetic looking imac machines and a G4 with three other PCs, the equipments that I

need. The table in the middle of the room is still around except that now it is piled up with

books and sheets of loose papers.


I must have made some noise that I see him turning his head and staring at me with his

bleary eyes, looking astonished totally unexpected since I had told him that I will not be 

back for quite some time. 


He broke into a smile and behind him the screen acting, as a backdrop there appears 

two distinct words--Red Sorghum.