Piss Result


Uncle Arhat, whose sense of smell was keenest, sought out the source, and was 

astonished to discover that it came from the piss-enhanced crock in the corner. 

Without a word to anyone, he lit the bean-oil lantern, turned up the wick, and settled

down to study the phenomenon. First he scooped out a dipperful of the wine, then 

let it drip slowly back into the crock and watched it form a soft green liquid curtain 

that was transformed into a multipetaled flower, like a chrysanthemum, when it hit 

the surface. The unique fragrance was more volatile than ever. He scooped up a tiny

bit of the wine, tasting it first with the tip of his tongue, then taking a decisive swig. 

After rinsing his mouth with cool water, he drank some ordinary sorghum wine from

one of the other crocks. He flung down the dipper, rushed out, bu! rst through the

western compound gate, and ran across the yard, shouting, "Mistress, joyful news!"


Later, the wine became popular in Northeast Gaomi Township. All thanks to Yu. 


I have reached my stop, once again I have made myself vulnerable to the 

scorching heat piercing through my skins like fine yellow hot needles and I felt them 

went deep into my bones.