Passion's Agony


As I was heading myself back to continue the transferring of my reconstructed narrative

into storyspace, I saw someone occupying my seat where I was working on before I 

answered to the call of nature.


The familiar face, intense and totally absorbed in reading and oblivious to my approaching. 

Staring into the screen never seems tired and with the left hand placed on the lap and 

the right on the mouse. With a quick move, the cursor was seen on the scroll bar and 

was brought down in double quick time and in split second, the sound of double click was 

heard and a new screen on the iMac emerge and the whole process repeats itself under

the control of the manipulator, skilful and deft, so it seems from the descriptions, in 

navigating through the lexias, my lexias that I have created. I see now, the story about

Passion, her traumatic experience, raped by the Japanese trying in vain to 

protect her daughter from her impending!  misfortune but to no avail. It took place a

around 1936 to 1937 and that is my guess from the context of the story. This particular 

incident in the story had captivated the reader completely who read on undisturbed and 

not to be disturbed and I donšt intend to. 


Reaching the episode about her possession by the evil spirits though she should be dead 

already but still kicking, shouting and screaming as if she is absolutely healthy. Cursing 

and swearing at the Japanese, Commander Yu at the next moment and at Uncle Arhat, 

she must be really sick. 


No it is the black cat, I have told myself assertively when I first read about this weird 

possession of Passion. Passion is already dead; it is the black cat on the roof that brings

her back to life. No, I am wrong again, I should correct myself. It isn't Passion who is 

seen swearing but the unknown evil spirit in control of her physical body. I had been 

told by my parents that when a black cat jumps across a dead body, the corpse will rise 

and that's why there is always someone who will stand vigilance guarding the corpse 

lying in the coffin and to chase away any cat and especially black cat, which has this 

urge to jump across the dead. I had seen my elders remained watchful during my 

grandparents' funerals.