Murder 4


Granddad picked up his pistols as the bandits swam toward the riverbank like a flock of ducks.


Oh yes! We see that our hero Yu had put his skill into actions.


He fired seven shots in perfect cadence. The brains and blood of seven bandits were 

splattered across the cruel, heartless waters of the Black Water River. Granddad fired 

seven more shots. By then Spotted Neck had crawled up onto the shore. The Black

Water River had washed his skin as clean as a snowflake. Standing fearlessly in a clump of

yellowing grass at the river's edge, he commented with considerable admiration, "Nice 



The blazing, golden sun lit up the drops of water rolling down his naked body.


"Spotty," Granddad asked him, "did you touch my woman?"


"What a rotten shame!"


"What got you into this business, anyway?"


"You won't die in bed," Spotted Neck replied.


"Aren't you going back in the water?"


Spotted Neck backed up until he was standing in the shallow water.  "Shoot me here," he 

said, pointing to his heart.  "The head is so messy!"


"All right," Granddad agreed.


The seven bullets Granddad fired surely turned Spotted Neck's heart into a honeycomb.

He merely moaned once as he fell backward, his legs sticking out of the water like fins for

a moment before he sank to the bottom like a fish.