Murder 2


Having entered the house after staring at the flames, he was forced to wait until his eyes

had adjusted to the darkness. When the voice repeated the question, he headed toward it.  

The room was lit up by the glare through the paper window, making it easy for him to see the

long, flat face on the pillow. He reached out and held down the head, which cried out in alarm,

"Who . . . who are you?" Two claws dug into the back of perpetrator's hand as he drew his 

sword and buried it in the pale skin of the long, thin neck. A breath of cool air escaped onto

his wrist, followed by hot, sticky blood that gloved his hand. He felt like throwing up. 

Fearfully, he took his hand away. The wrinkled, flat head was convulsing on the pillow, golden 

blood spurting from the neck. He tried wiping his hand on the bedding, but the harder he

wiped, the stickier it got, and the stronger his feelings of nausea grew, Grasping the slimly

sword in his hand, he turned and ran into the outer room; there he scooped a handful of

straw out of the stove to clean off his hand and his sword, which glinted in the light and 

seemed to come alive.


There is no turning back for him now as he proceeded to his next victim.