Adjuvant Ren and Lingzhi


  So Lingzhi fell in love with Adjuvant Ren. And what a description it reads here.


  "Linzhi felt that beneath Adjuvant Ren's cold, hard exterior raged a fire,  

  and it put her on edge," I started to read aloud partly because I feel that the phrase  

  was beautifully written and also reading aloud serves to keep me awake. And I read on.


  "Lingzhi screwed up her courage one day and went to find Adjuvant Ren, but 

  accidently stumbled into the room of the quartermaster, Big Tooth Yu. He was

  pretty drunk that day . . ." oh dear, I was telling myself, it does not bode well 

  and my reading becomes softer as I proceed eager to confirm what's in my 

  mind, "it was like a moth drawn to a fire, or a lamb entering a tiger's den."