You are what you eat.
Jonathan Wang '10

Food has become a product of the cyborg. It is no longer attached to its own natural state, as vast influences by chemical, mechanical, and genetics have altered most nourishment into an unprecedented combination of fava beans and fertilizers, of cattle and chemicals. New species of plants, animals, and bacteria have evolved since being subjected to human technology. Corn would never have grown to be the ubiquitous grass that it is now, many plants now ultimately rely on artifical introduction of nutrients and water, and the extensive mechanical and enzymatic processing of food gives it the sense of the cyborg like never before. Even the most basic products are transformed into never before seen concoctions of colors and flavors.

People are made of food. The primary process for the building of cells, tissues, organs, organisms is the metabolism of food into sugar and proteins. Except for relatively rare case of synthetic augmentation and prostheses, the only source for material in the human body is food. Something cannot come from nothing, and the growth of the human body is only limited by the input, the nutrition that is ingested and digested.

If food is of the cyborg, and people are of food, it should only follow that those that eat cyborg food grow into cyborg people. It is important to reflect on the effects that technological manipulation of food has altered the way people act and think. The fact that people rely so heavily on drastically processed food means that people are no more separate from the tractor and the fertilizer than is the food. A child that depends on McDonald's food for its growth also depends on the additives, processes, and preservatives used by McDonald's, the laboratories that produced those chemicals, and the corn from which most of it was derived. The technology that goes into food also goes into people; as people use more fossil fuel, machinery, and drugs on their food, they likewise apply it to themselves. It only makes sense that people should start paying attention to what happens with their food, right?