Lora's Tour

Cyberspace: A common mental geography, built, in turn, by consensus and revolution, canon and experiment; a territory swarming with data and lies, with mind stuff and memories of nature, with a million voices and two million eyes in a silent, invisible concert of enquiry, deal- making, dream sharing, and simple beholding.

Michael Benedikt,"Introduction" to Cyberspace: First Steps. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1991.

The emphasis of this view is on the shared imagination that is need to create cyberspace. To understand cyberspace as a space and not just text, the people using it must agree to share that illusion.

When many people are sharing so much information, in the form of text, pictures, and sounds, there is the option to present lies which are either information that isn't true inside the virtual world or isn't true outside of it. People agree to a common illusion that does not necessarily correspond to the real world.

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