You are here. praha may only have a few years left. Right now there are still portions of the city not overrun with Americans. Soon this may no longer be true. In the meantime, praha may be the most beatiful city you've ever seen. In praha you have a feeling nearly all the time that you have felt less often in other European cities: the feeling of history. It's all around you. You can smell it.

Yet at the same time you can feel your own prejudices take over at times. The Tyn Chruch, one of praha's most recognized landmarks, reminds you distinctly of the Enchanted Kingdom In Disney World, and you are a bit disturbed by this realization.

You stay in praha for days. Each day there are still places to see, a different coffee house to get an over-priced cappucino at. When you finally leave you decide that you will have to come back. Preferably before it is completely Americanized.

Where to?