You are here. Here is the gateway to the east, The capital of Hungary, and a bulwark of communism until recently. Budapest reminds you of some strange mirror image of the west. Most of Pest, the western half of the city, could be Chicago or Detroit. Miles of streets crammed with six and seven story buildings crowd the center of the city, and you can't help but feel you are walking through some poor copy of the capitalist world. Every corner is filled with advertisements for Coca-Cola or McDonalds or Nike, but the prices are higher than most natives can afford. You, on the other hand, live like a king (or at least someone fairly well off) except at a Mexican Food restaurant you eat at on your final evening in Budapest. Here you are swindled into buying a salad with your meal that ends up costing considerably more than the rest of the meal put together. You realize all to late that the Salad did not come with the Enchilada Combo.

Where to?