Dining and shopping—
online menu and virtual shopping mall
Had enough rest? Time to spend some cash?
The advantage of multilinearity in Cyberspace is the offering of endless options. There is almost no limit to the availability of purchases that can be made in Cyberspace. Whereas 'Sell-a-vision" was seen to be a major breakthrough in consumerism, Cyberspace takes this phenomenon to a higher level.

Some interesting web sites that we recommend are
http://www.landsend.com ["Click on the 'My Model' link at the top of the page. It enables customers to virtually 'try on' their clothes on a personalised model, which they create."] http://www.mall-at-home.com
- to see the virtual malls along the Beverly Hills!

This list can go on and on, and we suggest that to peripatetics that they have the patience to "scroll" through as many sites as possible to find that perfect purchase. Want to send a postcard to someone else from Cyberspace? To show your loved ones how much fun you are having hypertravelling? No problem, simply visit these sites!! Ranging from simple greeting cards to quicktime animated cards that come with music, all at no costs at all!!!


After doing all your shopping, our hypertraveller's guide has one more reminder - all purchases made during your travel must unfortunately only be used after leaving Cyberspace. That is, you can only enjoy your shopping when you go home!

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