Once an anchor is selected, the link is activated. If more than one link is available for the anchor, either a choice is presented to the reader, or the system selects from the possibilities according to pre-defined criteria. The actual navigation of the link proceeds according to the link class. Thus if a particular place of interest catches the eye of the peripatetic, he or she simply have to follow such 'road signs' to reach the destination. The following chapter on 'Transportation' would examine this process in detail.

The main purpose of this guide is to provide help when a peripatetic gets "lost in cyberspace". This effect is most pronounced in badly designed locations lacking sufficient context clues and navigation aids. Once structural aids such as headers have been added, much of the phenomenon disappears. Users of this guide simply have to:
exit the system
return to our "home" map or title page
retrace one's path by clicking on the 'return' button.

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